Small businesses accelerate growth, revenue and profits

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Small businesses accelerate growth, revenue and profits

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Running and growing your business can be hard work


Feeling like a slave to your business? Stress and long hours, taking a toll on your health and family life?

Running a successful business and know there’s potential to grow it but unsure how to do it or where to start?

Enjoying the challenge of business but would like to enjoy more of the rewards as well?

Having trouble reaching your business goals? Difficulties staying on track or on task? Get distracted or tend to procrastinate?

Having an outside perspective and experienced professional advisor by your side can help you discover and overcome these issues

Here a few more pointers on business advisors and how
Elm Professional Services can help:

Here a few more pointers on business advisors and how
Elm Professional Services can help:

Navigating and direction

Two heads are better than one. Elm Professional Services can help illuminate brilliant ideas, strategies and the pathway to success; and be the filter, directing and guiding those ideas to be productive for you and your business.

Sounding board and needed confidante

A person needs a therapist, a business owner needs a
business advisor. When you run your own company, it’s often hard to talk to people about your true concerns and ideas. Elm Professional Services can provide that confidante. That quiet space to focus. That sound-boarding. That problem solver.

Stay Accountable, stay focused

Goals are supposed to be met. Yes, you need to think and
strategise, but you also need to act. This is where a business advisor comes in. Elm Professional Services will hold you accountable to your goals, giving you strategies to get there, and keeps you honest. That alone will make you more effective.

Go outside your comfort zone

It’s easy to become enmeshed in your own business world. As humans we prefer familiarity and find ourselves repeating the same patterns. These comfort zones may make us feel safe, but they are the enemy of growth. Business advisors can help push you outside comfort zone into new directions and give you the confidence to try new things.

Making your ideas a reality

At Elm Professional, we have one goal: to make your goals reality. You may have many brilliant ideas but sometimes it’s hard to know where to start and what to tackle first. We can help you evaluate your plans, assess if they are realistic, and co-develop an implementation roadmap.

Like the sound of 50% improvement in profits?

In 60 minutes we'll show you how to overcome procrastination, meet the challenge of change, and show you how a handful of strategies can have multiplier effect on your profits.

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We offer a range of core and flexible advisory services for your specific business needs, ranging from our flagship 12-week program, to bespoke consulting and facilitation engagements.

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We have a focus on action and getting results, have the expertise to inspire, drive, and transform your business- are you ready to accelerate the growth of your business?

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Operations ManagerMedical Centre

It was eye-opening seeing the simple but profound steps I can take to improve the business.

Transformation LeadInnovation and Customer Experience Services

Peter’s experience, professionalism and genuine commitment will ensure that you and your business succeeds – no matter if you’re starting new, already established or looking to tackle the next big milestone. I could not recommend him highly enough!

Product GuruInterpretation and Translation Services

Although my business has been running for a long time, it has not grown in the manner I was expecting. Working with Pete, I was able to learn that our product was good, but the delivery of our product was holding the business back. Pete assisted in examining each component of our processes and delivery, and isolating which areas needed work

Senior ManagerWealth and Insurance

Pete has an ability to quickly understand the clients pain points and get truly under the hood to fix them whilst still being independent and objective- I would not hesitate to recommend Peter and hope that one day our paths cross again

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