The Elm Services

Elm’s 5 core professional services offers both strategic and operational activities to grow and run your business. See how we can help you:



Elm is more than just your bookkeeper, we are your full-stack finance team. Your CFO, your tax agent, your payroll.


We understand marketing is so much more then Facebook Ads and Blogs. Elm is all defining who your customers are and what your brand represents to make sure your marketing efforts are exactly where your clients are to get the highest return on investment.


No sales means no business. When you are focused on the day to day, sales tend to get pushed to the side. At Elm, we help craft the perfect Sales Strategy and upskill your team to drive your business forward.


At Elm, we are changing the way Law is done- from REACTIVE, expensive litigation at the end of the process when things go wrong, to PROACTIVELY working with you side by side to prevent these expensive and difficult matters from ever occurring.

Growth & Operations Advisory

Out with those inept “business coaches” and expensive “consultants”. Elm will quickly become your trusted advisor to look across your business and stitch together the services above to drive meaningful growth, change, and ROI.