The Elm Team

Meet the experts behind each sector.

Pete Marzec

Managing Director

Through Elm, I have made a commitment to build a better way of delivering professional services that will provide an unprecedented level of quality and value for money to our great SMEs.

Mia Van Tubbergh

Principle in Charge, Sales

I provide clients with proven methodologies and strategies to increase profits through better sales practices, decisions and disciplines.

Zander De Klerk

Partner in Charge, Finance & Accounting

My team is your full-stack finance department: your bookkeeper, accountant, payroll, tax agent, virtual CFO – and more. With our world-class systems, I’m here to take your business to the next level.

Mazi Katanov

Principle in Charge- Brand & Marketing

With my team of digital marketing specialist, I work with clients across the globe to create outstanding customer and marketing experiences.

Paul Van Eck

Principal in Charge, Growth & Operations Advisory

My goal is simple- to help serious business owners increase their gross profits by providing the tools, training, and advice to make any business a dominant in the market.


Principle in Charge, Legal

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