Drive Sales In Retail Store From As Little As $385/week

The biggest frustration we hear from our customers is “I need more stores”
… Do you feel the same?

Introducing Elm’s “Sales a as a Service”

From as little as $385/week, Elm Professional will support you with an experienced sales rep on the ground, visiting stores and driving sales.

Key activities include:

  • Ranging of new products
  • Merchandising
  • Well executed sales route
  • Targeting new stores

For the first 3 month, we’ll also include advanced sales management including weekly sales meetings to drive sales

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Elm’s “Sales as a Service”

Elm’s “Sales as a Service” has expanded as per our customer needs. We have create a perfect 3-tiered system- grab one, mix or match, or take all 3!

Tier 1: Sales Rep, additional responsibilities:

  • Store visits
  • Quarterly indepth market analysis
  • Admin and sales planning
  • Taking orders

Tier 2: Internal Customer support, responsible for

  • Telesales and nurturing customer
  • Processing orders
  • Handling queried and complaints

Tier 3: Sales Manager, responsible for

  • Key account management & negotiations
  • Oversight and accountability of sales performance
  • Sales strategies and Forecasting

If you are looking for a new sales rep to grow and look after your products, then look no further than Elm Professional and get 3 for the price of 1. 

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Iconic gluten-free Pasta Company

Created a new sales team in Vic

Introduced customer support and telesales team

Introduced targeted sales strategies


Australian-made baby meal producer

Developed options for a new sales team in NSW

Initiated listing into IGA / Metcash

Reengaged dormant customers


Frozen and shelf-ready fruit and veg distributor

Introduced sales director

Established a joint-sales team

Improved pricing and margins

Improved product mix