Is the Sales Rep dilemma getting the better of you?

The number one statement we hear from our customers is “I am not sure if my sales team are doing enough” followed closely by “how do I know if they are doing their job?”
… Sound familiar?

Introducing Elm’s “Sales a as a Service”

At Elm we understand that a well-run sales team requires strong sales management, exceptional internal sales and customer support, and passionate sales reps on the ground. 

We also know that many food and beverage business don’t have the budget to allow for the “perfect” team and tend to adopt one of two worlds: 

  1. Overservicing customers – This is where your sales reps are very active on the ground.  They trigger the sale in store BUT if the rep is on leave or misses a store, the entire order gets missed.  Additionally because they are so busy taking orders, they have a limited amount of time to visit new customers or new stores and in turn stifle your overall growth
  2. Underservicing customers – This is where the sales rep or internal telesales person is simply phoning clients to prompt orders. There is little or no relationship building, visiting new stores, or gathering competitor insights to drive growth in your sales
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Elm’s “Sales a as a Service”

Elm’s “Sales a as a Service” as been developed specifically for the food and beverage industry, leveraging a 3-tiered team designed to increase visibility, customer relations, and maximise impact. 

What does this look like? Elm leverages existing sales teams that are non-compete and working in the same market as you. Your “Sales as a Service” comprises of:

Tier 1: Sales Rep, responsible for

  • Merchandising and visiting stores
  • Quarterly indepth market analysis
  • Admin and sales planning
  • Taking orders

Tier 2: Internal Customer support, responsible for

  • Telesales and nurturing customer
  • Processing orders
  • Handling queried and complaints

Tier 3: Sales Manager, responsible for

  • Key account management & negotiations
  • Oversight and accountability of sales performance
  • Sales strategies and Forecasting

If you are looking for a new sales rep to grow and look after your products, then look no further than Elm Professional and get 3 for the price of 1. 

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Iconic gluten-free Pasta Company

Created a new sales team in Vic

Introduced customer support and telesales team

Introduced targeted sales strategies


Australian-made baby meal producer

Developed options for a new sales team in NSW

Initiated listing into IGA / Metcash

Reengaged dormant customers


Frozen and shelf-ready fruit and veg distributor

Introduced sales director

Established a joint-sales team

Improved pricing and margins

Improved product mix