Some of us are serial procrastinators, others get things done way ahead of time. Regardless of which category you fall into, the tendency to put things off until the very last minute can be difficult to shake. So when it comes to working “on the business”, which end of the spectrum are you on?


By breaking the bad habits that lead to procrastination, you’ll end up with a lot more time to focus on building your business. The key to stopping procrastination? Holding yourself accountable in a self-compassionate way and identifying the right steps to inspire action from within- here are a few tips from the team to help find that balance:


Tip #1: Take advantage of the time you already have. This is about maximising your personal productivity and the value you’re giving to your business- take a look at our guide on time management and prioritising work for more insight and ideas


Tip #2: Take the smallest step possible toward completing the task or project. The first step is always the hardest but after taking that step, you’re more likely to continue moving forwards.


Tip #3: Get excited about starting a new task. Flip your thinking by focusing on the positive outcomes that comes from finishing rather then the effort involved. It can be easy to build up momentum where you’re seeing meaningful progress towards an outcome, then fixating on the steps to get there


Tip #4: Schedule a window for ‘procrastination time’. Want a great way to push yourself to be more productive- lock in time during the day as an incentive, or even just as something small to look forward to




Takeaway activity:

  1. Acknowledge- we all procrastinate, so don’t beat yourself up about it. Take it to heart and use it as a trigger for change
  2. Address- use these tips or insights from the further reading below to find a strategy that resonates with you
  3. Change- they say it take 28-days to build a habit, and “less is more”. For the next month, take a small action each day based on your selected strategy- don’t try anything too big and bold as that big step may end up feeling to big, resourcing you back to procrastination


Further reading