The Elm Way

So you can you see the value of Elm’s Ecosystem and our flat montly fee- here’s how we make bring it together to deliver superior results:

The three elements to your success:

One team, same team, your Elm team.


You’ll be working with the same accountant, marketer, sales, G&O advisor and lawyer so they can better understand you

Single point of contact.

Each professional service is more than one person, we have a team of experts behind the scenes delivering. But rather then you managing and aligning these teams, you’ll have one accountant, marketer, sales guru, lawyer or advisor taking point.

Consistency builds traction, trust and knowledge of your business, which in turn:

  • Increases productivity
  • Makes decisions and changes quicker and more effective
  • Creates confidence and builds momentum
  • Gives clarity on what is important and where to focus; and
  • Inevitably, it create accountability on goals, actions and outcome to drive your business forwards
  • Convenience and time saving as you don’t need to find, onboard and manage a swag of professionals
  • Consistency and quality as Elm can establish and monitor standard performance levels and processes to ensure value for money

Establishing an operating rhythm.


An operating rhythm is the drum beat that your business marches to and ensures smooth, seamless operations enabled by timely and effective communication.

At Elm, this drumbeat is our framework below. From Day 1, we establish a monthly cadence of:

  • Top-down, Board-level priorities that you and your Elm Team set then execute
  • Bottom-up reviews to understand variances to plan, progress to goals, and activities to realign effort where required

Know when to hold 'em and when to fold 'em.

There will be times to go hard and times to hold back- times to push operations, times to pull back sales, and times to hold back on everything. Having a consistent Elm Team in combination with a well-established operating rhythm means you are better able to forecast these situations, understand the key priorities across the business, and jointly align on a sequence of actions to deliver what needs to be done.

An operating rhythm keeps people aligned and helps everyone know what is happening, what is important, what to do, and what to expect.

  • In the scenario where you are supported by individual or separate accounting, marketing, sales, legal and advisory professionals, they only know their world and their unique aspect of your business so to them, everything is important and may pressure you accordingly.However with Elm, you have a closely connected team that are constantly aligning their actions to the need across your business, meaning:
    • Better integrity from your professionals on when to push and when to hold back
    • Prevent over burdening or overwhelming you by having that visibility on prioritise and alignment on actions

Elm client portal.


Establishing this new “one stop shop” vision means doing things visibly different from what we are doing at the moment. This is where the Elm Client Portal comes in, a single platform for ALL communications and management of activities.

Digital first.

Delivering on your expectations will require us to take advantage of automation and associated technologies to streamline processes.

By centralizing all communications and replacing traditional emails it helps to:


Improve efficiency: by easily keeping track of all email and threads

Improve Capacity: By being across all conversations, it can minimize the need for time consuming meetings, catch ups, and “work about work”

Improve Inclusion and Collaboration: By encouraging more sharing of information and suggestions

By centralizing all activities into a single platform, it helps with:


Visibility– everyone can instantly see all tasks and how they are moving through the process

Management– should an issues arise, the transparency provided will allow it to be rectified swiftly and early

Prioritisation– visibility plus management means priorities can be constantly reassessed based on the most recent information

Accountability– For example, should someone see a task is taking longer than expected and therefore hindering the whole process, they can communicate and discuss how they can help to resolve the issue together

Prevent overburden and stress– In terms of both the customer stakeholder and commitments on them, as well as Elm struggling with more work than they have the bandwidth for.

  • By spending less time on manual work and menial processes, more time can be spend providing you with insights, advice and more value adding services